Who doesn’t need a new headshot?

Who doesn’t need a new headshot?

headshot event richmond vaI can’t count how many times people have said, “I’m looking for just a headshot,” to me. Whether they are calling because they came across me on a Google search, or if they are a friend looking for a simple headshot, I’d say it happens at least once a week. 

So I started thinking… who doesn’t need a new headshot every year or two? Especially right now, in these “let’s all get back to work and restart our lives” times? And a quick and personalized headshot at that? 😎

How about if this one time only, instead of sending you merrily on your way to another photographer (which I love doing by the way, if a down right cheap headshot is really all you’re after), I offered you a chance to be photographed by me that is within reach for pretty much anyone?

Then how about if in addition to all that, the headshot you will end up with will not be at all generic? Nothing cookie cutter about it. You will be photographed in a choice of styles, which we will figure out together ahead of time.

No matter what your aspiration, occupation, and whether you work for a corporation, or are developing your own personal brand, an actor, a kid, a dude, a doctor, lawyer, or shoemaker, this event will deliver the headshot you need, right now. 

This three day no-frills headshot event will be held August 12 -14, 2021, at my Scott’s Addition studio here in Richmond, VA for only $99. And yes, one digital photograph is included. (And for any of you who know the intent I put into my work and what I deliver, yes, typing “$99” gives me a bit of pause 🤯.) 

As an added bonus, you’ll be eligible for all my “existing client” perks moving forward – perks I usually reserve for only for my high paying clients.  (Things like generous discounts on my larger personal branding packages.) 🎉🍾

Why now, you ask? Well, I know you’ve noticed the past one and a half years have been… interesting.

And to reiterate, I will not be offering this great of a deal ever again.  Don’t miss out!

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PS:  For anyone who wants makeup and/or hair styling for their session, they can make arrangements on their own. After booking, I will share the names of several stylists I work with whom you can contact directly.  (And, btw, even with the added cost to you of having this done on your own, this is still a flipping bargain.)