About Margo Millure

Virginia Personal Branding and Portrait Photographer


Hello there!

I’m a faces and lighting obsessed photographer, living and working in Richmond, VA. Together with my clients I create up-leveled personal branding photographs and fine art portraits meant to be treasured for generations.

Whether working in the studio or out on location, my passion is creating space for my clients to see themselves and their unlimited potential in the way sometimes only others can see them. Besides ending up with stunning photographs, the reward is they’ll likely get over any hangups from past experiences of being photographed, trusting me to see and capture the “real them.”

And you want to hear the coolest thing? The happy consequence is of all this is that no matter where they are on their journey, when all is said and done, my clients almost always end up being more confident about who they already are – right now, today.

Photographing clients is my most creative happy place and I know from what my clients have told me that these feelings are quite contagious! I’d love to discuss photographing you next.

Please get in touch with any questions or see below to tell me a little about yourself and schedule a call!

You’ll be taken to a brief form and then I’ll be back in touch to have a no pressure chat about what working together might look like!