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Hi, I’m Margo.

I create transformative photography experiences for women, leading to extraordinary images for their brands, businesses or just for themselves here at my Richmond, VA studio and beyond. 

I offer options that include on-location personal branding sessions and in-studio portrait and headshot sessions that are both pampering and empowering.

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Margo Millure, Richmond, VA photographer

What Clients are Saying

Testimonial for Margo Millure PhotographyI was so reluctant in updating my 8 year old professional photo but Margo made the whole process simple, relaxing, and a swan out of an ugly duckling. Well maybe that was a little too much information. She does have the ability to capture the beauty of a person. This is what I noticed when I was interviewing her. She made me comfortable from day one by finding out exactly what I wanted, my timing, and kept me informed during the whole process. (via Google)


I have not taken professional photos since High School Graduation in 2009. I just never thought to take any pictures of myself since then. I thought it would be great confidence booster to get all dolled up for a day and have it captured. It was fun, Margo has partnered with an awesome Stylist named Michael Patrick that did my hair and make up and it just overall came out amazing, my friends and family loved my photos. I admire Margo’s efforts and persistence with getting perfect lighting as well as her contributions for styling ideas. HIGHLY recommend Margo, don’t let the prices for prints deter you –it is certainly worth the investment for these high quality photos! (via Google)


Photo by Margo Millure ( photo shoot with Margo was so much more than a photo shoot. It was an experience and a memory with my Mother that I’ll never forget. Not only do we have the most amazing photos to cherish for generations, but we have the sweet memories of spending the day feeling pretty, laughing, talking and realizing how lucky we are to have each other. This is a priceless experience that everyone should take advantage of!


I would say that I felt like a princess, but at 55 years old I was more of a queen! Margo made the whole experience fun and I found myself completely at ease in front of the camera. I felt beautiful and 100% the center of attention, which most of us are uncomfortable being. I think I smiled the entire session and even went on date with my husband after because I didnt want the feeling to end. Margo captured the very best of ME and I love my photographs…


Photo by Margo Millure ( with Margo was fabulous! Aside from family photos, I hadn’t had my photo taken professionally in years and I am so pleased with the results. I appreciated her help in preparing ahead of time and posing tips. I highly recommend a photo session with Margo – her photography talent, confidence, and gentle sense of humor make the entire process relaxing and fun. I ended up giving a print to my husband for Father’s Day and joked that I will probably end up using the photo as my obituary photo. (Unless I decide to do another session with her someday – which I probably will!)


I feel fortunate to have met and been photographed by Margo Millure. I admire her creativity and the intention she puts into her work. Margo collaborated with two other artists in the HighPoint, Michael Patrick Hair and Photosynthesis Florals to create a shoot for me that was a dream. The photos I have from this season in my life are priceless. (via Google)

Mary T.

Photo by Margo Millure ( wonderful experience! Margo’s quiet confidence made me relax. Make-up has never been my strong suit, and she was gentle in application. I quickly went from being uncomfortable to my favorite thing being the center of attention. I am so happy with photographs and that no tension showed in facial expression (despite some chronic back pain!). Never really thought about my eyes before, and they seem to come through particularly well.


Margo Millure Photographer reviewsAmazing working with Margo…her shots are beautiful, artistic works making you look more stunning than ever thought imaginable! She puts you at ease and makes a photo shoot a real pleasure…add to that her meticulous prep and set up with clients, learning about your style, all the way to her professional hair and makeup gurus working their magic the day of your shoot…it’s all outstanding!

Allison W.

Margo is an amazing photographer.She listens to what your needs are, and makes sure that she captures the essence of the person in a picture.
Beautiful human being, she is a super star!


Experience with Margo Millure PhotographyMargo is a magician! I’ve always hated to have photos taken of myself, but she transformed this experience into something affirming and fun. And then the photos she took–all I can say is that she transformed me and made me feel so much better about myself. All of this was such an unexpected delight. I would recommend her to any and all so that they too might find this delight. (via Google)

Eleanor S.

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