The Personal Branding or Portrait Experience

Working with Margo Millure Photography is far more than just a photo shoot – It’s a celebration of all that you are, past, present & future.

Who is it for?

… pivoters, re-inventers, and up-levelers – solo-preneurs to CEOs.

…any woman who has ever felt that the box the world tries to put her in is too small.

… any woman ready to step into their power and stop letting the prevailing media narratives about being a midlife or older woman determine their visibility.

… any woman wanting to make a bigger impact and reach big business goals.

… anyone ready to show off the most authentic version of themselves to the world.

…. for life lovers, who want to be better role models to the younger generations of women, and show the world what it looks like to really love yourself.

What’s it about?

…confidently determining your brand and how to present yourself to the world in order to attract your ideal customers and clients.

… putting the spotlight on the wisdom and beauty within you that you’ve earned along the way.

… finally standing firmly in the belief that you’ve always been enough just as you are.

… Honoring your age and life stage

How it Works

Step one

Book a discovery call.

We’ll meet via video to discuss your story, business, and brand messaging, I’ll propose a customized plan based on where you are in your journey, which will include photography and potentially other services that we determine you may need to meet your business and personal goals.

Step two 

Styling and Branding Sessions

Upon booking, we will schedule your session in addition to your styling and branding strategy sessions.

Branding Strategy: With the aid of various tools, I’ll guide you to get clarity on your brand messaging, your brand story, your ideal client and how to attract and engage them.

Styling Session: We will plan your ideal photo session where you end up with the dynamic, beautiful on-brand images you need to meet your goals.  We’ll determine the overall look for your photographs and build any additional shoot day team members if needed. We will dig into the nitty gritty of wardrobe, make up, hair and prop styling, and specific locations.

Step three

Shoot day!

Today’s the day your marvelous brand story will start to unfold — and yes, it’s almost always pretty awesome to watch for both of us! Most clients tell me that their shoot day was both empowering and surprisingly more fun that they could have imagined. It’s pretty great to be doing something that will be so powerful in meeting your goals!

When shoot day arrives, my goal is for you to feel so prepared that you can step into your big day ready to be photographed. You will comfortably be able to leave everything down to the smallest detail to me and your team.

Upon booking you will have received information about how to prepare for your shoot from head to toe, that will address many of the most pressing questions my clients have. You will have received a precise timeline a couple of days before your shoot.

Any questions along the way of getting to the big day? My assistant or I are available to you for any questions throughout the whole process via text, email or phone.

Step four

Receive your images

You will receive a gallery of color corrected and cropped images 1-2 weeks after your shoot day. Depending on your package, you will select a certain number of images for more precise retouching or you can start using them right away!

Step five

Use your images

Following the delivery of any retouched images, we will set up a time for a closing brand strategy session. This will help ensure that you know how to optimize the  your images to best help you stay on track towards achieving your biggest personal branding goals. At this time I will also make tailored recommendations as far as providers for services such as website development, social media, copywriting, graphic design and additional business coaching.


Full Branding

6 hours
Strategic Brand Planning (2 hours, 1 before session & 1 after delivery of final images.)
Includes hair and makeup styling, and lunch
Healthy snacks and hydration
3 locations
8 wardrobes
Transportation between locations
80 – 100 high resolution digital images (color corrected, from which 40 chosen to be fully-retouched)


Brand Mini

90 minutes of shooting
Strategic Brand Planning (1 hour)
Healthy snacks and hydration
1 location
3 outfits
50 high resolution digital images (color corrected, from which 20 chosen to be fully-retouched)




Add-ons  (These prices are meant as general guidelines as they can vary significantly. Clear determination will be given, as specific decisions are made during Step Two)

Hair and/or make up styling – $100 – 300

Location, studio, prop and wardrobe rental fees over and above budget: $100 – 500

Videographer: Starts at $1000

Reels/TikTok filming: Starts at $250 an hour

Travel fees for work outside the Richmond, VA area are always reasonable and quoted on an individual basis.

Printed portraits pricing quoted on request.