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A tree, Shenandoah National Park, Virginia, June 2018 ©

On my personal Instagram my bio says, “Think Less. See More.”  My yin and yang can get a little too jumbled together. In other words, even when it comes to travel and portrait photography, I sometimes think too much. “Think Less. See More.” is a directive I could stand to hear every day!

If only we needed to hear our best lessons once! But it turns out we need to hear our best lessons over and over. Certain words and thoughts call out to us. We are compelled to share them with others and hopefully, we grow to more and more live by them ourselves.

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Another day, another tree, Shenandoah National Park, June 2018 ©

Photography can require a lot of thinking and organizing, especially ahead of time. The yin and yang of creativity can collide only in the moment. Besides not forgetting a camera (it happens!), getting out of my own way enough to see things better is my constant goal. This is true whether I’m in the studio photographing a client, on the road or at home.

Plenty of things to think about bombard us every day. Much of it uninvited, most of it unpleasant. Resisting default thinking mode and seeing the world and life and its amazingness, whatever that is too a person, takes effort.

Just on the other side of all those thoughts there is always some kind of beauty. It’s there all the time. Press repeat.